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Bienvenidos a Bucerias Mexico!  Bucerias is a wonderful little town just 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. With its constant sunshine, delicious food, and kind people, the all-exclusive resorts seemed miles away.


Mexican breakfast at Luna Luna

Mexican breakfast at Luna Luna

The best tacos ever and a bargain at $2!!!

The best tacos ever and a bargain at $2!!!


The local taco stands were the best deal in town!


View from the casita

Dinner at Mezzogiornos

Dinner at Mezzogiornos


I found Bucerias to be a great spot for those who like a little bit of culture but don't want to stray too far from the beaten path. There were plenty of vacation rentals and cute bed and breakfasts to choose from, just don't be surprised to run into someone you might know from home! Plenty of B.C, Alberta, and Manitoba plates around these parts.  The food was delicious everywhere we went. Karen's place and Luna Luna were our favorites for breakfast.  There was even French man from Brittany who ran a small creperie right next to the Parisian selling pastries.

Mezzogiorno's was a beautiful seaside restaurant serving good quality Italian dishes. For real Mexican nothing beats the local taco stands. Bring your own bucket of cerveza's or/and a bottle of wine and you're set! If you choose not to rent a car, the bus system in Mexico is fairly reliable and a very economic, albeit cultural way to travel. My travel partner and I took the bus into Puerto Vallarta, Punta de Mita, as well as the small beach town of Sayulita. After spending six days in Bucerias we headed further north to a small town called San Pancho. I took so many pictures in this town that it needs its own post. Coming soon!