Hello Vancouver!

by Lindsay Drew Wotherspoon in , ,

I love Vancouver. As a kid it was always one of those places I thought I would experience living in. The high-rise condos just seemed so cool and Robson was the hippest place to stroll with all its restaurants, boutiques, and hordes of people. Fast-forward a few years I started to think that Vancouver wasn't as great anymore, perhaps due to the never-ending rain and cloudiness I experienced on each visit. A few weeks ago however, I flew out with my mom to visit my sister and to celebrate mom's birthday.  The sun shone. The water glistened. The birds sang. The flowers had bloomed. It was amazing. I loved it and now I want to move there yet again.

First stop was Thierry Patisserie. Highly recommended by a British chef friend of mine, I was eager to step inside and have a croissant experience à la française...

Thierry 2

I ordered an Americano and the croissant jambon. Both were divine. Flying back there if not just to bite into that thing again is very probable!

Coal Harbour 1

After breakfast we started our stroll along the sea wall.

Coal Harbour 2

The condos I thought I'd live in one day.

Coal Harbour 3

The boats. I love boats. There really are not enough of them here in Calgary...

Lost Lagoon 1

Lost lagoon and the swan.

Lost Lagoon 2

Ain't she lovely?

Lost Lagoon 3

The woods. The blue sky. Sigh..

Lost Lagoon 4

So pretty.

Sea Wall 1


Sea Wall 2
Sea Wall 4

English Bay.

Roses English Bay

The tulips. They're everywhere! And it was only April... Apparently this is normal.

Tulips English Bay 2
English Bay

Funny guy.

Cupcakes Denman

Cupcakes. We had to.

Poster Shop Denman

A great poster shop on Denman.

Flower Vendor Vancouver

We dined at Chambar in celebration of my mom's birthday dinner and it was excellent! Chambar is one of my faves. Our server really made our experience an amazing one. Thank you Jon!

hambar 2

Chambar Tapas: Saffron marinated squid, grilled octopus, tomato chutney, arugula, navy beans & sweet pepper salad.

Chambar 3

Lapin a la moutarde: Sherry braised rabbit cannelloni, pistachios, dates, radicchio, dijon mustard sauce.

Chambar 3

Chambar is a great place for moules-frites. We tried the Moules Coquotte: Mussels in a white wine cream, smoked bacon lardons, spring onions. These were so fresh, so plump, and just so damn good.

Thank you Vancouver. I loved every minute of you. Can't wait until next time.