La Belle Provence

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Is it really the end of August already? I'm not sure about you, but this summer has flown by. Just the other day I noticed how much cooler the evenings are getting compared to a month ago. I am NOT ready for the on-set of fall! Didn't we just get summer?!? Please let me have at least four more weeks of hot and humid summer nights filled with long bike rides, visits with friends, and one too many bottles of rosé wine. Please??? 

In an attempt to prolong this feeling I have posted some photos from my most recent trip to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France. With its Mediterranean climate, bikini clad boardwalks, and beach-side cafe's filled with bronzed tourists and locals alike, this place exudes summer-ness. The air is scented with lavender and the food is rich in flavour, making you swear to never eat another tasteless tomato again. Sips of wine alternate with the sweet succulence of fresh figs, herb crusted chèvre on toasted baguette and the salty delights of picholine olives right from the tree. Take me back! 


Les Gorges du Verdon
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This four-day visit was based mostly in the peaceful countryside of Var which is one of the more quiet areas when visiting this region during the summer months. Although I was there mid June, my travel partner and I found the crowds of the coastal towns and more touristy villages of Grasse, Cannes, and Nice too much to take. We decided to just take it easy by touring around the picturesque medieval villages and spending the afternoons at the pool. We visited the towns of Seillans, Fayence (pictured above), and Vence where we enjoyed the local markets and fantastic sidewalk lunches. If you are planning a visit and have time, make sure to make a trip up to Lac St. Cassien where you can enjoy a picnic, sailing, or water sports. From here you can continue up to the Gorges du Verdon (the largest canyon in Europe) where you can partake in anything from rafting to rock climbing.

Provence Winery

At the Val D'Iris Winery on our way to the town of Seillans.

Narrow Streets Provence Seillant

No room for your Dodge: The narrow streets of Seillans.


A typical building facade in Fayence.

Breakfast in Provence

Rise & Shine! The morning spread at our bed & breakfast near La Motte, Le Mas du Pere.

Breakfast in Provence

Pretty well my favorite part of the day!

Croissant in Provence

Local cheese and a fresh croissant accompanied by French press coffee and fruit, please. Thank you. :)


Walking up to the picturesque town of Seillans.

L'ete en Provence

"Summer in Provence"...  Enjoying the streets of Vence.

Market Provence St.Paul de Vence

Le marché local.

Al fresco dinner provence

The good restaurants were too far away from where we were staying so we opted to just stop at the supermarket for some snacks. Olives, tomatoes, cheese, bread, fresh figs, and a little Tavel to wash it down.

Provence BnB

Where we called home for the week.


Enjoying the flavours of Seillans: Three styles of tapenade with Crudités. Olive, sun-dried tomato, and anchovy.

Provence lunch

Dried beef with melon salad.

Provence Lunch 2

The Mediterranean fish "Loup de Mer", a type of bass served with roasted artichokes and pomme puree. Delicieux!

var 2

A view of the beautiful Var valley on our way to Saint Tropez.

Var 1

Hope you are all enjoying your special version of summer. Thanks for travelling to Provence with me! Next up: sunset in Saint-Trop!

Sunset in Var

 À très bientôt!